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Irrigation Services

A properly designed and working irrigation system will help to keep your landscape healthy during the dry Central Coast summer months by ensuring optimal watering.


The Landscape Company can design complete irrigation systems for your entire lawn and landscaping or modify and add new zones to your system in order to accommodate a change in landscaping, as well as changes from season to season.


At R & R Nursery, we install new irrigation systems for residential and commercial customers. We can install your sprinkler system using water-wise conservation principles. After your new irrigation system is installed, we will walk you through how your new system works, explain to you how to operate your system, and perform any necessary tasks to keep your system working properly.


We can also offer repair and maintenance services for any type or brand of irrigation system. With our maintenance services, we can ensure that your system is working at maximum efficiency to avoid over watering or under watering consistent with sound water conservation practices. We can perform the necessary irrigation system repairs that will keep your system working properly and help to keep your lawn looking its best.

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Irrigation Startup

Irrigation system startup is performed in the spring in order to prepare your irrigation system for the summer months. 


Our startup services include turning on the water, replacing the battery in the clock, and checking the sprinkler heads to ensure proper water coverage of each zone. During this service, we will set the watering schedule that includes which times and days of the week that your irrigation system will water.

Irrigation System Inspection

We can perform the necessary inspections of your irrigation system in order to ensure that everything is working properly. 


These inspections include modifying run times as needed and inspecting proper head coverage. During an inspection, we will determine if any repairs are needed. We can perform repairs as they are required in order to ensure that your irrigation system is working properly.

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